The Kin ArtStudio is an independent and not profit, art organization based in Kinshasa that encourages creation in the field of visual arts and others form of contemporary expression, fostering exchanges with other artists and art initiatives throughout the world, strengthening young Congolese artists’ capacities, and professionalising the practice.

Kin ArtStudio has been established in 2011 by the visual artist Vitshois Mwilambwe Bondo and is now entering a new phase. Growing confident from its past/recent achievements, it broadens its scope of action and influence, carrying forward it s mission to offer a multidisciplinary creative, national and international artists and curator residency programme and exhibition space for the practice of contemporary visual arts in Kinshasa, and be a platform for the professionalization.

The Kin ArtStudio has recently occupied a new space, located on one of the main central artery of the city, the new location is a very spacious old fabric factory that accommodates more than 15 artists studio’s, offices, a big project space, library, technicals studios and a restaurant. The building’s centrality also attracts ready more diverse attention/interests, which the Kin ArtStudio needs in its development prospects.

Our Mission

The Kin ArtStudio strives to remain faithful to its objectives and to foster agency while functioning in a complicated and coexistent set of cultural dynamics, actors and discourses. The Kin ArtStudio’s approach is a contemporary and emancipative one that seeks to carry forward the work of emerging artists for whom art has no geographical, technical or stylistic boundaries.

Our structure wants to consolidate its long-term accompanying strategy with the artists we are working with in clearly laying (down) the terms of such partnership, having closely worked with many young artists from Kinshasa, DRCongo.

The Kin ArtStudio wants not only to reiterate those kind of experiences, but to enact them considering the realities of a developing environment in the visual arts over the continent and the need for local artists to professionalize and make a livelihood. We believe strongly that our efforts and commitment to enable a young generation of African artists to come out and find meaning in their practice in their local context.

Today the Kin ArtStudio is considered as a pool of outstanding talent and artistic developments in the Democratic Republic of Congo and we would like to see it with our future collaboration with other partners.

Our Laboratory of Artistic research and production can reveal the talents of the Congolese and African creators and why not other of corners of the planet. While being a true space of dream and immersion compared to the great places of contemporary art of the world, the new place of Kin ArtStudio with its international program is supported by the TEXAF Group, the European Union in Kinshasa and Pro Helvetia (Switzerland).

Our Network

We will focus on developing collaborative projects, as well as on alliances and strong bons, with artists, curators and institutions on the local, national and international levels.

Knowing that the Democratic Republic of Congo, as the largest country, and strategic positioning in Central Africa, we are working here on cultural and artistic exchange projects in the region, the continent and around the world, 

Kin ArtStudio works on networking with Njelele Station, (Harare in Zimbabwe), Bandjoun Station, (Bandjoun in Cameroon), Centre d’Art Waza in Lubumbashi, Tembe ArtStudio, Moengo (Marowijne, Suriname), OMI Art, international artists residency (New York, USA), Nafasi ArtSpace (Dar-es-Salaam).

And we have a possibilities to develop a good residency network and exchange program with all pro helvetia with the support of Pro Helvetia.

Atelier Mondial (Basel, Switzerland), Embassy of Foreign Artists (Geneva, Switzerland), PROGR (Bern, Switzerland), (Bern, Switzerland), Rote Fabrik (Zurich, Switzerland) and others.

Partners In Southern Africa : In Southern Africa, Pro Helvetia Johannesburg is more directly involved in the facilitation of residencies, working through and with relevant organizations across the region:

Ndjelele ArtStation (Harare, Zimbabwe), Village Unhu (Harare, Zimbabwe), Waza (Lubumbashi, RD Congo) Nafasi Art Space (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania), Modzi Arts ( Lusaka, Zambia) and others…